Malus at the Palace

Hand-harvested Pippin, Arkansas Black and Granny Smith apples from our very first orchard “ The Palace Orchard” located in Paso Robles.

In 2019, we got our first crop of apples from the Palace — and since it was the first crop, it yielded us a measly 8 barrels of cider. We milled and pressed the apples to some of our Fableist Chardonnay barrels for fermentation and let the native yeast do its work. We aged them for 7 months, then split the lot into 2 ciders. We took 4 barrels that were really singing together and made the pure apple “Malus at the Palace” for our first offering. The other 4 barrels (in true Tin City fashion) were dry hopped with some Mosaic for a week prior to packaging and yielding us our second offering from the Palace: “Malus World Peace”. 

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