Ciders are subject to availability. Many of our ciders are limited release, please call ahead for availability of specific ciders.


The Original Dry Hopped Cider

Tropical - Citrus - Green Apple

Carefully crafted with California apples, dry hopped & barrel fermented. 



Poly Dolly

Watermelon - Lemongrass - Sour Cherry

A unique blend of cider and rosé of Mourvèdre, Pinot Noir and Petit Verdot. Dry hopped with Citra and Cascade hops.



Mr. Havercamp

Stone Fruit - Juicy


We aged this cider in a foeder tank with 2000lbs of peaches added for two months. It gives a fuzzy peach feel that is ripened on the tree and ready to be enjoyed.



Mr. Havercamp logo

Mr. Worldwide

Lime - Mint - Ocean Breeze

Cider aged with mint and lime. This mojito inspired cider is the perfect balance of bright citrus, savory lime, and mint. Best enjoyed with Panama hats, rolled up pants, and toes in the sand.



Mr. Blue
Blueberry - Tart - Creamy

Aged in our American Oak foeder for 2 months this bright, refreshing cider was fermented on 1300lbs of fresh blueberries with saison yeast.



Bunny Lebowski¨
Pear - Nectar - Malt


Cider fermented with blonde beer wort and wild yeast. This extended barrel-aged sour blonde will have you wondering "what would you do for $1000?"



Randy Watson¨

Pamelo - Pepper - Chocolate

This stout barrel-aged cider takes The Bruery's Chocolate Rain barrels and adds whole vanilla beans and a hint of cocoa. This complex cider opens woth notes of pamelo and welcomes the embrace of a bitter-sweet chocolate finish.



Shack Attack

Golden Rasin - Lemon Poppy Seed - Butterscotch

Cider aged with late harvest Roussanne. An ode to the boss, Curt Schalchlin, we took what he knows best (Rhone grapes and cider) creating a new take on a Rhone blend - it counts right?


Last updated April 4th, 2019.

¨ Indicates not Gluten-Free