Tin City Cider is a collaboration between winemakers Curt Schalchlin, Mikey Giugni, and Andrew Jones. Together, they produce Tin City Cider, a carefully crafted cider made with the best California apples. 

Mikey GiugniMikey Giugni

Mikey's fascination in wine and the ocean resulted in his winery and cidery, Scar of the Sea, which emphasizes where the grapes and apples are grown.

Andrew JonesAndrew Jones

Andrew, winemaker of Field Recordings, spends his days planning and planting vineyards and has stood foot in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast.

Curt SchalchlinCurt Schalchlin

Curt, owner and vintner of the heralded winery, Sans Liege, is known for his critically acclaimed Rhone varietals.